Welcome to Hicks Fine Wines

A classy, upscale wine store in the heart of St. Albert, located at the former Hole’s greenhouse site, an iconic landmark in the city. An owner with a great reputation in the retail wine industry, a manager with extensive wine knowledge & friendly, customer service oriented staff will make your visit to our store a pleasant one!

Come and take a virtual tour through our store!

Upcoming Events & Classes

Continue to watch our website for tastings with special guests (Winemakers, Export Managers, Vineyard Managers, Winery Owners), Friday night bar or barrel pourings with some of our reps, and specialized in-store tastings with our very own Marcia J. Hamm! Keep an eye on the calendar or sign up for our monthly newsletter to get the 411 on everything at the store.

An evening with Querciabella Wines

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